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Data Scientist

Yahkeef is currently a data scientist with Jasfel analytics and a Business Analyst intern for the Alvina Group. He also provides data science consulting for organizations who struggle with using their data to meet their strategic goals and apply for grants. Data science is the practice of using data, in whatever form it exists, to derive actionable insight. You can see examples of what that looks like below.

Heart Disease Prediction AI

A python web app that uses AI to predict whether or not a patient has heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. It kills 647,000 Americans annually. Test link coming soon.

Onondaga, New York 2020 Voter Demographics Visualization

A graphical analysis of voter demographics in Onongaga county. View link coming soon.

Syracuse City Pipe Leak Detector AI

A python web app that uses AI to predict whether or not a pipe in Syracuse, New York is leaking. It's estimated that fixing the sewage system in Syracuse, N.Y. will cost $500 million. Studies have also shown that there is an association between sewage overflows and emergency room treatment of gastrointestinal ilnesses. Test link coming soon.

Rezzy - Your Personal AI Resume Assistant

An AI chatbot built on top of Google Assistant that writes your resume, even if you don't know how. This project won my team and I 3rd place at last year's Hack Upstate Hackathon. Test link coming soon.

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